What Are Some of the Best Forex Brokers?

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What Are Some of the Best Forex Brokers ?

What Are Some of the Best Forex Brokers?

There are as many opinions about Forex brokers as there are Forex brokers, but some commonalities are present.

Saxo Bank is rated highly as it offers email newsletters on the market, 24-hour service, direct chat to traders, and a practice account. They also have a secure trading environment.

CMS Forex accepts no commission and allows you to open an account with only $200. They also feature leverage as high as 400 to 1.

GAIN Capital operates Forex.com, which features extensive online training resources and low minimums. Many traders had great things to say about GAIN's resources and ease of trading.

Another broker that is highly regarded is Oanda, as their platform is considered very user-friendly.



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