Forex Trading Signals

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What are Forex trading signals?

Forex Trading Signals

The most common forex trading signals are generated from MACD, Stochastics, and RSI.

The Stochastics forex trading signals are indicators of trend momentum based on the relationship within the high and low ranges over a specific period of time. The forex trading signal is a buy signal when the closing levels of the plot lines are near the top, indicating accumulation of value. It is a selling forex trading signal when the plot lines close near the bottom ranges, which indicates distribution-loss of value. Like the MACD, this is an oscillating forex trading signal, but generally does not create plot lines for other trading indicators.

Relative Strength Index generates the forex trading signals by comparing the volumes of a monetary units gains and losses over a period of time, usually 14 periods. Periods can be defined by hourly, daily, or monthly and annual trading periods because the forex market runs continuously. This forex trading signal uses a range of zero to 100 based on a singular parameter and the number of time periods. Basically this works because it shows how the average gain compares to the average loss, and the difference between gain and loss generates a numerical indicator of positive or negative one.



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