Foreign Exchange Currency Market (Forex) Explained

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What is the Foreign Exchange Currency Market (Forex)?

Foreign Exchange Currency Market (Forex) Explained Tip: The foreign exchange currency market is often referred to as Forex. This is a monetary exchange market. Money is purchased and sold between different currencies and countries. This is also an over the counter market that is characterized by trades between national, multinational, and international commercial and central banks. Over the counter means that unlike traditional stock trading, there is not a central controlling stock organization. For example, the stock market in the U.S. is governed by the NY Stock Exchange and various laws of governance. Forex does not have a central organization for governance. This means that the act of trade is committed by banks, brokers, and investors directly between the trading participants. The benefits of over the counter foreign exchange trade are that it allows for direct trade and is universal in the global aspect. The concern with the foreign exchange market is the increasing prevalence of fraud. Because of this, it is best to commit yourself to doing research on the broker, bank or company that you are conducting foreign currency trade with.

The foreign exchange market has a massive global volume that exceeds $2 trillion DAILY in the amount of currency trade. The foreign exchange market also has high liquidity. Liquidity of the foreign exchange market is extremely high because trade can occur rapidly between participants with low value loss and trade can occur continuously within the market. The foreign currency exchange market is global in its aspect, so unlike stock trading there is no cut off time. You can be trading at 3 p.m. in the Western United States with someone in the UK—where it is midnight. The foreign currency exchange market is also overflowing with willing buyers and sellers, especially in large quantities. The average minimum trade in the foreign exchange currency market is 100,000 USD.



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