What Are Some Great Forex Trading Books?

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What Are Some Great Forex Trading Books?

What Are Some Great Forex Trading Books?

If you really want to become a Forex expert, web-based information mostly designed for beginners is not going to be enough to take you there.

Luckily, there are many wonderful and detailed books available to study at length - taking you to the next level in your trading and market understanding.

One such book is Forex Trading for Maximum Profit - the Best Kept Secret Off Wall Street by Raghee Horner. This book starts with the basics, but quickly moves through trend line analysis to Fibonacci analysis - giving you all the tools of professional traders. It is available on Amazon.com and many major bookstores.

Another great book is called Left Brain Trading: The Right Mindset and Technique for Success in Forex - by Lewis Evans and Olga Sheean. Much of your success in Forex will be due to your mental conditioning and ability to make decisions based on logic rather than emotion. This book helps you attain this level of control, and also gives additional visual tips and aides. It is also available from Amazon.com



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