Forex Chart Analysis Basics

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What is Forex chart analysis?

Forex Chart Analysis Basics

If you have experience in stock trading or have taken courses in graphical analysis, you are already very familiar with forex chart analysis. They function in the same manner by showing historic trends and developing future predictions. The mathematics are different, so please be aware that forex chart analysis considers both fundamental (national politics, consumer faith, gross domestic product) and technical (price moves, buy/sells) information to create a forex chart.

Brokers use forex chart analysis to deliver information to traders and investors regarding price moves, trends, and histories. In general, brokers do the analyzing and thus make recommendations. However, the final buy/sell decision and profit/loss are at the sole responsibility of the investor or trader, so it is beneficial to understand the basics of forex chart analysis.

A basic forex chart analysis will examine the time and date, the current price, and trending price. Many also allow you to change the indicators, timeline (between minutes, hours, days) and the best forex chart analysis will plot real time forex data.



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