Reading Forex Currency Charts

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How do I read Forex currency charts?

Reading Forex Currency Charts

Forex currency charts are interpreted in the same manner you read traditional stock, value, price, or any other chart. There is little difference in the way one reads a forex currency chart to the way one reads any other chart. The main differences are that forex currency charts often have smaller time intervals and may be compromised of more technical or fundamental indicators.

In forex currency charts, there are historical forex charts and real time forex charts. Most broker companies will offer both types of charts. Historical forex charts should be read with the goal to interpret trends of currency pairs. Real time forex charts are charts that are constantly being updated based on the most current information available in currency pairs.

Forex currency charts are not a stretch from traditional charts, but they do require a fair amount of understanding of the technical and fundamental analysis that are used to create the charts and make predictions of future value.



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