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Help with forex trading

Forex Trading Help

Some forex companies, such as FX Club, offer free online video learning for learning forex. Their video education tutorials walk you through the initial phases of starting a forex trading account. This includes when to trade forex in certain markets and the best times to trade when multiple nation markets overlap. FX Club also offers tutorials on chart analysis for beginners and advanced forex traders. This is important to learn because a lot of trading and prices are based on the trader's ability to interpret chart analysis.

FX Club has video training on indicators and understanding Japanese candlesticks. FX Club also offers live telephone assistance, and a trader's forum where you can get advice and help from other traders. The reason this is better than what others offer is you do not have to register a live trading account prior to using their information — you only have to register to be a member. That means that you do not pay or give bank account or credit card information to FX Club until you are ready to begin trading.

Another great information resource for forex trading is FX Street at This is an information based web page that gives live and up-to-the minute information regarding the current state of trade, value of currency pairs, how to trade and where to trade. Again, FX Street does not charge for their information.



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