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How can I learn Forex?

Learn Forex

FXClub.com Tip: You can learn forex online, at a seminar, through books and by trying out a live demo account.

To learn forex through online video training, simply go to FX Club at FXClub.com. The online video plays via Windows Media Player. You can download Windows Media Player at Microsoft.com if you do not currently have access to it. FX Club's video training is easy to follow and gives many visual examples of the trading platforms, charts and foreign exchange market.

Books are useful for when you do not have direct access to a computer. For some people, learning almost requires a hand held book. To learn forex through books, there are many avenues you can take. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has free e-books. Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble also have books to learn Forex.

Probably the best teaching method is through video seminars. Most forex brokers offer a free live demo account. FXClub.com allows users to practice with their trade platform software without purchasing an account. Many other brokers offer the same, but FX Club's demo also includes real time charts and tickers.



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