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Where can I find Forex video training?

Forex Training Video Summary Tip: FX Club offers extensive video training which is free with registration and does not require credit card or bank account. The primary video, "Introduction to Forex Training," begins by explaining how money functions as a commodity, the main players in the market and a general overview of the foreign exchange market. This forex video training explains the main components of foreign exchange trading by examining the current state of the forex market. This forex video training sets itself apart by giving a historical view of trading -- from the old fashioned bazaars to the current hustle and bustle of the stock market. It shows not only how forex trading works, but why forex trading works. It demonstrates how to buy and sell money through their forex trading platform.

FX Club's second set of forex training videos, "Chart Analysis 1 and 2," examine how charts can be analyzed to benefit the trader. This includes understanding how charts can give information regarding technical analysis. It begins with the history of technical analysis as a science. The forex trading video shows the types of charts and what they will tell you. This includes understanding the correct plot lines that are used as forecast indicators. Chart analysis is conducted by a standard move across a chart, where more moves indicate more price changes. The forex training video not only shows you how to read the charts, but what to do with that information and more importantly where that information comes from.

FX Club's third forex video, "The Essential Indicators," shows how essential indicators are calculated and how this calculation assists traders in understanding how currency pair values/trade are generated and forecasted. This includes some standard stuff, like moving averages and closing prices. The benefit of this forex training video is its simplicity. It's based on standard mathematics any high school student can understand. Better yet, it functions as a refresher course for those of us who have been out of high school and college for a few decades.



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