Questions to Ask During Forex Courses

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What should I be asking during forex courses?

Questions to Ask During Forex Courses

During your forex courses, self-learning or when you watch forex videos, you should be asking yourself the following (and seeking the answers actively) fundamental questions:

-- What are currency pairs, and how does this amplify the structure of the forex market?
--What is a bid/ask price, and how does this impact trading?
--What is the spread, and how does the spread impact the bid/ask price or broker fees?
--What is a pip, and how do brokers use pips for their income?
--In forex, the equity value of all open positions verses the underlying market price is constantly in flux, how can a trader use this to their advantage?
--Forex is an over-the-counter market. Nearly all trades are done electronically, there is no NY Stock Exchange with people yelling and bustling about. How does this differ from the traditional ‘open outcry' stock market, and what are the benefits of trading electronically? More importantly, how can electronic over-the-counter trading help you formulate a trading strategy?



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