Currency Trading Education Resources

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What resources are available to help with currency trading education?

Currency Trading Education Resources

If you have already watched currency trading education videos, experimented with a demo account or asked questions on a traders forum, but still want more information before you commit to the forex market, there are many online resources available to help with currency trading education.

The National Futures Association (NFA) offers Forex Online Learning Program, an interactive currency trading education program meant for individuals interested in learning more about the forex market.

The Investor's Clearing House has a wealth of resources that are verifiable. They offer currency trading education in multiple formats.

The American Savings Education Council (ASEC) offers free public currency trading education regarding financial security for private and public traders.

The Better Investing Community offers information, training, resources and a community-based interface for investors and traders. This currency trading education resource is also recommended by the NFA.

Other sites to check for information include NASD and The National Endowment for Financial Education.



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