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The 5 Best Forex Apps

There are many forex apps on the market and each has their own pros and cons. Below we take a look at five of the best ones available.

1. MetaTrader on Android or iPhone

This app is available for free and is the most popular forex trading platform. It has the ability to allow traders to place orders and view current quotes, as well as multiple chart types and time frames to help the trader analyze currency pairs.

2. NetDania Forex on Android or iPhone

NetDania Forex is a popular free app that provides currency rates and global stock data. It utilizes sources from multiple news authorities and various indexes on the market. An added benefit is that it allows the trader to set up trend and cost notifications.

3. Trade Interceptor on Android or iPhone

This app is free and available on many devices and allows forex traders to view current quotes. Users can keep track of exactly what is going on in the market at any time and place. The only downfall of this app is that it doesn't allow users to trade within its interface.

4. Trade Optimizer on iPhone

This app currently costs $1.99, but it provides 14 critical trading calculators to aid traders in determining position sizing, managing risk, as well as conducting post-trade studies. Trade Optimizer app can immediately alert forex traders about compounding power or trade expectancy to show them just how rapidly their earnings can increase.

5. FXWare Currency on Android

Allowing you to quickly convert 160+ currencies this free app is a major player among its counterparts. FXWare Currency also includes charts, historical trends, and daily forex rankings. It grants you access to the latest market commentary and news.

With so many to choose from, we wish you luck on your journey of selecting the right one that fits your needs!

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